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Internet Home of North Carolina League of the South

Welcome to the North Carolina LS (NC LS) Home Page!

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We are pleased to announce the new NC LS State Chair, Harold R. Crews of Walkertown!

We wish to leave our children a better life and bright future, and a legacy of responsible government that practices fiscal responsibility and adherence to the founding republican principles of North Carolina. The NC LS is guided in all endeavors by a "North Carolina First" viewpoint which holds the protection of our State and citizens paramount; the well-being of North Carolinians comes first in all political issues.

The NC LS is greatly concerned that North Carolina is being threatened with bankruptcy and ruin by an out of control federal agent in Washington DC.  That federal agent is on the brink of collapse from endless foreign wars, deficit spending, and epidemic levels of incompetence and corruption in both bureaucrats and elected officials.

The latter's collusion with large corporate interests, banks and insurance companies has encouraged the looting of the public treasury, leaving future generations of unborn Americans -- our children -- in perpetual debt.  These same corporate interests demand protection from the federal government, and financial bailouts of their immoral practices with the hard earned tax dollars of North Carolinians.

Our solutions include the restoration of State authority by strongly asserting the provisions of the Tenth Amendent, and electing North Carolina representatives who will assert State authority in political matters where federal interference is forbidden by the United States Constitution. We stress local political action by members and friends of the NC LS to instill traditional conservativism in local elected representatives, and help bring positive change to North Carolina government. The solutions to unwarranted and unconstitutional federal interference in North Carolina affairs begins locally, and with you.     

The NC LS Legislative Affairs Board (NCLAB) in October, 2012 issued the NC LS Voter Information Guide which rated candidates for State-level elective office. This will be issued each election cycle and considers candidate positions/past performance regarding fiscal responsibility, responsible governance, understading our our founding republican principles, and resistance to federal interference in North Carolina issues.

Please join us at our conferences as guests are very welcome. Help us move forward the "North Carolina First" view in all political issues and questions; become part of the solution to DC's corruption endangering North Carolina's future.  


The North Carolina League of the South is an organization of political activists dedicated to localism, traditional conservatism, and the belief that responsible government emanates from family and the community in which we live, thence upward. This is our path.

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